Kol N’deev lebo: Those whose hearts are willing…

Generous contributions from members, friends and guests are vital to our fiscal good health. For more information, please contact the Temple office.

The General Fund


Contributions are used to supplement dues and support basic congregation needs. Contributions are often made to honor the Rabbi, in celebration of an important family event, to memorialize someone who has recently died, or to mark a Yahrzeit.

The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

This is a new fund that enables the Rabbi to support activities which he or she considers consistent with our responsibilities as Jews and for which there is no other source of funding.

The Book Fund

Donors may purchase and dedicate Prayer Books or Torah Commentaries.

The Endowment Fund

Contributions to this fund are intended to support the Temple over the long term. Gifts are placed in a restricted account from which only the interest may be withdrawn.

The Hal Israel Memorial Fund

The fund supports a yearly lecture by a distinguished speaker in memory of Hal Israel.

The Tree of Life

Leaves may be purchased for the Tree of Life that is located in the vestibule and can be inscribed as requested to honor joyous life cycle events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Memorial Plaques

Plaques may be purchased in memory of loved ones and will be displayed and lit in the Sanctuary. Contact the Temple Office for further information.


Members have also donated Judaica and other wonderful objects that have enhanced our Shabbat and holiday observances.

A Note on Appreciated Securities: When making your year-end tax plans, please consider making a charitable contribution to the Temple. Under federal tax law, a cash contribution, subject to certain limitations applied to adjusted gross income, is deductible in an amount equal to the amount paid to the Temple. A more beneficial way to obtain a charitable deduction is to gift to the Temple, appreciated listed securities eligible for long-term capital gains to the holder. Pursuant to federal tax law, a donor of appreciated securities receives a deduction equal to the fair market value of the listed securities on the date of the gift without having to pay a capital gains tax on appreciation (i.e., the difference between the cost to the holder and fair market value).