Religious School

The mission of the Religious School program at Temple B’nai Israel is to educate our children in the traditions, rituals, practices, language, history, beliefs and values of our Jewish faith. Committed to the sacred concept of Talmud Torah, we seek to instill within our students a desire for Jewish knowledge, a love of Torah, a deep connection to God and prayer. Our goal in the Religious School is to inspire in our students a deep sense of Jewish spirituality and engender in them a sense of Jewish inquisitiveness that makes them life-long learners. Our students participate on our bimah and in all aspects of religious life at Temple B’nai Israel.

Committed to the foundational elements of God, Torah, Israel and mitzvot as understood and practiced by Reform Judaism, our students prepare for Bar and Bat Mitzvah with an eye to future leadership within the Temple and Jewish community. Students work with our Rabbi and a team of knowledgeable and dedicated educators, who serve as mentors as well as role models.

Our dedicated and talented faculty creates a positive and encouraging atmosphere for our students to learn about Jewish life and Jewish living. The leadership of Temple B’nai Israel, the staff and clergy, are committed to providing an engaging, successful and effective educational experience for all our students.

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