Oneg and Kiddush

Onegs and Kiddushes

Onegs and Kiddushes are opportunities for congregants to enjoy a post Shabbat Service experience. Onegs are held after each Friday night service and Kiddush Luncheons are shared after each Saturday morning service. Refreshments are provided by volunteers. Congregants can use this time to visit with friends and welcome new members. It is a time to feel part of the community.

Sign Up Sheet for Oneg and Kiddush Hosts

 August 2018 – June 2019

Updated 04/09/2019

The schedule for Shabbat Services is provided for your convenience. Please use it to choose a date to host an Oneg or a Kiddush.  I look forward to hearing from you with your choice. You can also sponsor an Oneg or Kiddush Luncheon and not do the preparation by calling Margaret Covey of Easton at 410-443-4357.  She charges $30 an hour, plus the cost of food.  Please let Linda Kappasser know if you are using Margaret. 

Please email: or call 410-310-9344

Thank you, Linda


Friday, August 10, Challah & Wine –

Saturday, August 18, Challah & Wine –

Friday, August 24, Challah & Wine-

Saturday, September 1, Birthday Service, Kiddush Lunch Lesley Israel

Friday, September 7, Oneg –Liz LaCorte

Saturday, September 15, Kiddush Lunch –

Friday, September 21, Oneg

Friday, September 28, Dylan Callahan’s Bar Mitzvah – Callahan Family

Saturday, September 29, Dylan Callahan’s Bar Mitzvah – Callahan Family

Friday, October 5, Pot Luck Dinner – Linda Kappesser organized

Saturday, October 13, Kiddush Lunch – Shari Hartford

Friday, October 19, Oneg -Paula Bell & Susan Koh

Saturday, October 27, Kiddush Lunch –Ray Hyman

Friday, November 2, Birthday Service, Oneg –Mullaney Family

Saturday, November 3, Kiddush Lunch – Mullaney Family

Friday, November 16, Oneg – Susan Silver

Saturday, November 24, Kiddush Lunch

Friday, November 30, Oneg Cheryl Kramer

Saturday, December 8, Birthday Service, Kiddush Lunch – Lesley Israel

Friday, December 14, Potluck Dinner Lois Small & Cheryl Kramer

Saturday, December 22, Kiddush Lunch – Linda Kappesser, Beth Malone, Barbara Stafford

Friday, December 28, Oneg

Saturday, January 5, Birthday Service, Kiddush Lunch– Lesley Israel

Friday, January 11, Oneg – Belinda Frankel

Saturday, January 19, Kiddush Lunch

Friday, January 25, Oneg – Jeff and Catherine Barron

Saturday, February 2, Birthday Service, Kiddush Lunch

Friday, February 8, Pot Luck Dinner, Carole Brown & Essie Keyser

Saturday, February 16, Kiddush Lunch,

Friday, February 22, Oneg, – Ann Smith

Saturday, March 2, Kiddush Lunch, Malissa & Leon Kirszenbaum

Friday, March 8, Oneg, – Belinda Frankel

Saturday, March 16, Kiddush Lunch

Friday, March 22, Oneg – Susan Silver

Saturday, March 30, Kiddush Lunch, Cheryl Kramer + Linda Kappesser

Friday, April 5, Birthday Service, Pot Luck, Susan Koh & Linda Kappesser

Saturday, April 13, Kiddush Lunch,

Friday, April 19, 5 p.m. (Erev Pesach) Oneg

Saturday, April 27, Kiddush Lunch

Friday, May 3, Pre-Nash – Susan Koh & Paula Bell

Saturday, May 11, Kiddush Lunch – Lesley Israel

Friday, May 17, Oneg, – Judy Amdur

Saturday, May 25, Kiddush Lunch

Friday, May 31, Oneg, Bruce & Jeanne Bernard 

Saturday, June 8, Birthday Service – Kiddush Lunch Linda Kappesser & Beth Malone

Friday, June 14, Shabbat In The Park, Pot Luck Dinner

Saturday, June 22, Kiddush Lunch Ruth Saff

Friday, June 28, Oneg, Loretta Quigley