Ritual Attire

The Kippah and Tallit

Customary Jewish ritual garb is available for those who enter our Sanctuary. Traditionally the head is covered as a sign of respect and awareness that God is always above us. The head covering is called a kippah in Hebrew or a yarmulke in Yiddish. It is customary in Temple B’nai Israel that all males wear a kippah. However, a kippah may be worn by anyone, and at any service.

There are also prayer shawls available. This garment is called a tallit (sometimes also pronounced as tallis.) The tallit goes back to a Biblical mandate and is meant as a symbolic reminder of one’s commitment to the commandments of Jewish life. A Tallit is worn by Jewish worshippers during morning services. (The leader of the service will wear a prayer shawl during an evening service, but customarily congregants do not.)

Once reserved only for men, the kippah and tallit are today available to men and women equally.