Schedule of Shabbat Services

Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat services alternate weekly. One week we will have Friday evening services, starting at 7:30pm and followed by an Oneg. The following week we will have Saturday morning services, starting at 10:00am followed by a Kiddush.


Worship Services At Temple B’nai Israel

Whether you are a familiar face in our congregation, or are worshipping with us for the first time, our goal as a spiritual community is the same: to create a place of warmth and friendship, to balance comfort and challenge, to touch your heart, to make you think – and to foster a loving sense of connection to our Jewish tradition and the Jewish people. These words of welcome are meant to help you become more comfortable with our service and more familiar with our congregation.

There are a number of customs and traditions of both Jewish services in general, and our congregation in particular, that it might be helpful to share.

In our Friday evening services we use a siddur (a prayerbook), whereas in our Saturday morning services we use both a siddur and a TaNaKh (a Bible, the Hebrew Scriptures). It is customary to allow neither a prayer book nor a Bible to touch the ground.

Language and Participation

Hebrew is read from right to left. Because of this, Hebrew Bibles, and our prayer books, open from the right.
The Jewish service was always meant to be participatory and inclusive. The whole idea of a rabbi or cantor “leading” the service is a fairly new development in Jewish history. Therefore, please join in with the reading, chanting or singing of all prayers.

Other customs and courtesies

Please turn off all cell phones (or set them to vibrate if they must be on) before you enter the Sanctuary.

Picture taking is not permitted during a service but might be permitted before the beginning of a service by prior arrangement. Also, with advanced permission videotaping a service may be allowed, but using only natural light, and from a stationary and fixed position in the rear of the Sanctuary.